How An Air Purifier Benefits Both Pets And Their Owners

Why Should I Even Consider An Air Purifier?

It’s widely known that many pet owners develop allergies to their beloved pets. But, not a lot of people are aware that their pets – especially dogs and cats – can suffer from allergies too, as well as cause them, and rather more often than you might think. As in humans, pet allergies are caused by an immune system that overreacts to an everyday substance, such as: pollen, grasses and trees, fleas, dust mites, and mold spores, or perhaps a certain food.

Not only are allergies are all too common among our pets, they can rarely be cured. Thankfully, they can generally be treated, both with medication and by protecting your pets, as far as possible, from whatever’s making them suffer.

Should I get rid Of my pet?


Cute pets image

WHAT? No Way! You cannot get rid of us guys – we’re cute and loving!

If someone in your home is allergic to your family cat or dog, or any other animal for that matter, what do you plan on doing about it? Unfortunately, many people make the decision to get rid of their pets. They see this as a simple solution to the problem. Which of course it is, but is often totally unacceptable to the rest of the family.

Many individuals love their pets way too much to get rid of them. Children in particular invariably bond with and dearly love their pet. If you suggest getting rid of good ol’ Rover or cute little Tiddles, you can expect BIG trouble … loud trouble too.

If this rings any bells in your household, you will definitely not want to get rid of your pet, so will need to look for an alternative solution.

OK! So how do I overcome the problem?

One of the reasons why pet allergies are such as problem is because of the air particles caused by these same pets. These particles often come from pet hair or droppings. To eliminate or reduce this problem, and maybe even your allergy, you will need to have cleaner air. While this may not sound like something that would be easy to do, the reality is that it actually is.

All you really need to do is purchase an air purifier.

Asthma and allergy friendly air purifier image

Solve your problem with a certified asthma and allergy friendly air purifier

While the easy part is making the decision to buy an air purifier, the hard part comes when you need to choose which

air purifier to buy. It has been noted that all air purifiers are effective at eliminating air particles caused by pets, but there is a big difference in how efficient they are in doing this.

That is why it is important that you do bit of research online to find out what the best air purifiers are, and why. It’s worth checking out any air purifiers that specifically mention pets in their sales literature or product descriptions. These types of air purifiers are often better, when it comes to removing harmful pet dander from the air.

… Anything Else?

Although an air purifier will undoubtedly help, there are also other factors you can consider. One of these is to limit  your pets to specific areas in your home. Everywhere that your pet accesses, pollutants and air particles will be left behind.

Unfortunately, the majority of air purifiers are not designed to treat a whole house. Most air purifiers only control the quality of air in one room, or sometimes three rooms at most. Therefore, the less space you allow your pet to roam throughout the house, the less problems you will have in keeping the air in your home clean.

Where else can there be a problem?

In addition to improving your home’s air, you can also improve indoor air elsewhere. For instance, if you operate a business that is centered around pets, you will almost certainly benefit from the use of an air purifier.

This means, therefore, that whether you are a pet sitter, a pet groomer, or a Vet, you should not only be able to keep the air in your home clean, but the air in your office clean as well.

It’s highly probable that others would also benefit from the purchase of an air purifier. Your other employees, as well as your customers should also notice the improved air inside your office or indoor work area.

If what you’ve just read sounds familiar in your home, why not start looking for an air purifier right now. As previously mentioned, you should ideally look for an air purifier that specifically mentions pets. This will be a good place to start when it comes to creating healthy, breathable air for you and your whole family.

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